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How to Measure Your Kitchen

To replace existing kitchen cabinets with the same size of

cabinets using the same footprint, measure the height and

width of each of the cabinets.

To redesign a kitchen, record accurate measurements of

the ceiling, walls, doorways, windows, sink, appliances,

and other features of the kitchen and apply to the architectural

plans accordingly.



  1. Measure each individual kitchen wall in INCHES, not feet.

  2. Make a rough drawing of the shape of the kitchen on a sheet of
    paper that includes each wall, door, doorway, window, and protruding
    or recessed areas. At the top of each side of the paper, record the dimensions of that wall from one end to the other.

  3. Measure each section of each wall and record those numbers on the drawing. (Example: Wall 1: 54??? from right corner to outside edge of window casing; window is 37??? wide; from window to end of wall is 39???.) Record those numbers on your drawing under your first measurement that listed the full length of that wall.

  4. Check accuracy of the measurements by adding up all of the dimensions of each wall and comparing them to the total wall dimension recorded prior. (Example: 54??? + 37??? + 42??? = 133). This is an essential step. If the numbers do not add up, re-measure.

  5. Determine the center of the sink by measuring it to the corner of the wall in one direction, then from the center of the sink to the other end of the wall. Record those numbers on the drawing.

  6. Measure the height from the floor to the ceiling in the kitchen in at least four locations. Record all of the measurements and where they were taken. Be sure to mark the SHORTEST dimension. (Example: 95??? near sink; 94.5 near door; 95.2 by light switch; 94.8 center of floor: Shortest dimension is 94.5). This measurement will determine the height of the cabinets and crown molding.

  7. If there are bulkheads/soffits (wallboard framed out from the ceiling to the top of your cabinets), measure their height and depth and mark them in another colored pencil or pencil on the sketch sheet (skip this step if you plan to remove the bulkheads/soffits).

  8. Note the location of each electrical outlet, switch, or light fixture with a symbol on the rough sketch, and be sure to record the height from the floor and distance to the nearest corner.

  9. Measure and record the dimensions of all appliances. (Example: dishwasher 24??? wide by 34??? high; refrigerator 33??? wide by 82??? high, etc.)

ApplianceSize (W x D x H)  -  Brand Name/SKU#




Exhaust Hood

Wall Oven








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