Vanity Cabinets

Vanity Bases

Vanity Bases are the fundamental part of your bathroom cabinet layout. A good start is to decide the sink basin location to determine where to place a vanity base then add drawer banks, linens, and other cabinets to create your layout. Vanity bases are 21" deep, and either 34.5" high.

Drawer Banks

Drawer Banks provide a sturdy storage option for your bathroom layout. Customize your bathroom layout by combining drawer banks, vanities, and other storage solutions. Drawer banks are 21" deep, and either 34.5" high.


Fixed Size

Fixed vanities have both doors and drawers in one cabinet.
Fixed size vanities can be combined with modular cabinets or be used as stand alone units. All fixed sized vanities are 21" deep, and either 34.5" high.

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